Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Grades + Respect + Attendance = DIPLOMA

Graduation & TICKETS

Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2019 will be held on May 31, 2019 in the INdian Land High School Gymnasium at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are required for admission into the gym. Seniors will be issued six (6) tickets at GRADUATION PRACTICE on May 30, 2019. Seating will be available on a first come basis. No one will be admitted into the gymnasium once the procession has begun. Please plan accordingly.

Senior Pranks

Senior pranks will NOT be permitted and will not be tolerated! Disciplinary action will be taken, and law enforcement will be notified (if necessary).

Dress Code for Graduation

The following is required of seniors at Graduation:

1. Trousers should be dark (blue or black -- NO jeans), dark shoes and socks, (no sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, etc.), light, solid colored shirt and dark colored tie.

2. Dresses should not extend pass the knee and worn with dress shoes (no sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, etc.).

3. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.

4. Hair should be well-groomed and of simple style. Extreme hair styles are to be avoided to ensure a proper fitting cap.

5. Caps should be placed squarely on the head so that the mortar boards are flat and not at an angle. Tassels should be attache to the center button and draped on the left side. No writing on top of cap.

Graduation Etiquette

High school graduation is a culmination of y our student's education experience at ILHS. Graduation ceremonies and activities are conducted in a dignified fashion to honor and recognize the accomplishments of those students. We ask that parents arrive prior to the start of the ceremony, turn all cell phones and noise producing devices off, and escort all crying babies away from the ceremony. Please do not scream, yell, or use noise makers as we would like to hear all the graduates' names; otherwise, you will be escorted from the ceremony by Lancaster County Sheriff's Department personnel. Please hold your applause until the last student has received his/hers.

From the counseling office...

Letters will be mailed to parents of seniors who are in danger of not fulfilling graduation requirements. If you receive a letter, please contact your child's counselor to schedule an appointment. Our goal is for all seniors to participate in the commencement ceremony.


Parents, please be aware that if your child has any monetary obligations, he/she will not be able to participate in graduation activities until those obligation have been met. All debts must be paid by May 17, 2019. Check will not be accepted after April 12, 20109, only cash or debit/credit cards.

Credit Recovery

Seniors, please govern yourselves accordingly as it relates to attendance, dress code, and cell phone policies. Attendance rules and regulation are set by the school district, and we do enforce them. The students will have a very limited amount of time to recover absences.

AP Exams...

AP Exams are MANDATORY. Students should check with their AP teacher for times. Most AP Exams will be administered at Pleasant HIll United Methodist Church on HWY 160 in Indian Land.