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Student IDs

posted May 11, 2016, 6:44 AM by ILHS Webmaster   [ updated May 13, 2016, 9:09 AM ]
Student IDs will be a part of student attire this year.  There are many reasons for this shift including the safety of our school.  We want you to understand the discipline policy that will be enacted once every student receives their ID.  LifeTouch is providing an ID machine to ILHS for those students who did not have their picture taken and therefore do not have an ID.  There will be a charge for a replacement ID after the original IDs have been issued.  IDs must be worn every day and be easily visible between the student's neck and waist.  

Disciplinary policy:  

A summary of the discipline procedures for students who are not wearing an ID:

  • In 1st block, students not wearing an ID will be issued a sticker with their name and the date.  Students who do not have either a sticker or an ID for each subsequent block will receive a referral for a dress code violation.  The sticker must be worn as an ID, easily visible between the neck and waist.
  • The 3rd and each subsequent time a student is issued a sticker from their 1st block teacher the student will receive a referral.  As with other disciplinary actions, multiple referrals will result in more severe disciplinary actions including multiple Tuesday Schools, OSS days or, in extreme circumstances, a recommendation for an expulsion hearing for defiance of school rules and procedures. 
  • Students who have lost their ID should notify administration as soon as possible so a replacement can be made, there will be a charge for replacement IDs.

Where do I get a replacement ID? See Mrs. Chapman in the Media Center

Other: ILHS is aware that some courses including PE, Auto, Building Construction and Agriculture may not be conducive to wearing lanyards.  The teachers of these courses are aware of the class conditions and will monitor IDs accordingly.